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Product Profile

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème, Organic USDA, EU, JAS, COR
Product Background

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is a biologically pure, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical grade oil. It is extracted from organic fresh coconut milk, using state of the art of “coconut wet process” technology and cold centrifuge series™. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is completely natural: no chemicals, additives or preservatives are used before or after processing.

Physical Data

Appearance: Clear liquid at temperature above 24 0 C
Odor: Sweet coconut flavour
Colour: Clear when liquid, white when solid
Shelf life: At least 24 months
Storage: Safe at room temperature in a colorless bottle.

Technical Considerations
  • Extra long shelf life.
  • Very low viscosity conveys subtleness and light feel effect. Its lightness gives it excellent spreadability and makes it easy to mix with other ingredients or essential oils.
  • Excellent source of monolaurin, a well-known antiseptic substance found in lauric acid oils.
  • In its solid state, it “encapsulates” and protects other components or essential oils; this, for example, prevents evaporation of volatile components.
  • Miscible to most vegetable and essential oils.
  • High oxidative stability provides protection to other ingredients without using chemical anti-oxidants.
  • Vitamin rich and contains squalene and tocopherols.
  • Antioxidant, anti-fungal properties.
  • Medicinal and functional properties.
Typical Analysis
% Moisture and Impurities 0.07 Ave.
Melting Point 24 0C
FFA (as Lauric) 0.05
Specific Gravity 0.918 at 300C
Iodine Value 5 Ave.
Refractive Index 1.4489 at 400C
Unsaponiable Matter 0.39
Saponification Value 248
Colour (in 1” cell expressing as y +5R) 0.100
Total Plate Count Not Detected

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® Food oil, energy source, emollient, lubricant, moisturizer, superheating agent, and surfactant. Its purity and functionality make it ideal to use directly as a natural skin oil, lip balm, or hair and body oil. It is an excellent organic solvent, carrier and fixed oil.

Food and Nutritional Applications

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is a very edible healthy food oil, which gives flavor and long shelf life to finished product and is, heat stable. It is an ideal component in: infant and baby food formulations, nutritional supplements, ice cream, frozen desserts and confectioneries.

Bio-Pharmaceutical and health products

Use as a functional lipid phase in: skin care, sunscreen preparations, topical formulations, carrier oil in vitamins, lubricating agent in suppositories and capsules.

Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • SPECIALTY SKIN CARE. Protective lubricity, antifungal, anti-aging, non-drying, non-oily, nourishing.
  • SPECIALTY SOAPS. Provides hydrophobic film on skin, high antioxidant and freedom from color distortion.
  • AROMATHERAPY AND MASSAGE OIL. Very light oil, absorbs and spreads well on the skin, solvent free, non-stain, non-tacky. Miscible to essential oils.
  • CREAM AND LOTION. Moisturizing and film-forming characteristics, and stability in formulation.
  • BABY SKIN CARE. Non-drying, non-irritant, rich in vitamin E, promotes suppleness and softness.
  • HAIR CARE. Shines, conditioning, sheathing property.
Direct Applications:
  • SKIN, HAIR AND BODY OIL. Virgin Oil de Coco-Creme® is a natural skin oil, close to human lipids, keeps skin supple and young, nourish to healthy growing hair.
  • FUNCTIONAL OIL. Virgin Oil de Coco-Creme® can be combined with botanical oils (e.g. Tea Tree, Oregano, and Neem oils) for specific treatment and cures.
  • SUNTAN OIL. Virgin Oil de Coco-Creme® + sunscreen agent is a natural sun protection.

This information is believed to be reliable and true to the best of our knowledge, and is offered only for evaluation and verification.