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Material Safety Data Sheet

Section 1. Product Identification and Uses
Trade name: Virgin oil de Coco-crème®
Grade: Food grade
Supplier: Quality First International Inc.
380 Sheldon Drive, Unit 3
Cambridge, On Canada N1T 2C2
CI #: Not applicable
CAS #: 8001-31-8
INCI Name: Cocos nuciferas
Telephone Contact: 1-877-870-1018

Section 1A. First Aid Measures
Eye contact Flush eyes with clean water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation develops or persists, seek medical attention.
Skin contact No evidence of adverse effects from available data. Wash with soap and warm water.
Slightinhalation Remove to fresh air. Vegetable oils mists classified as "nuisance particulates by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. – No health effects reported.
Hazardous inhalation No additional information
Slight Ingestion Drink water or milk to dilute substance. Seek medical attention.
Hazardous Ingestion No additional information.

Section 2. Hazardous Ingredients
Name CAS # TWA (ppm) STEL (ppm) CEIL (ppm) % by weight

Section 3. Physical data
Physical state and appearance Clear liquid when melted (temperature 24° C / 76° F and above). White solid below 24° C / 76° F.
Odour Slight fresh coconut scent.
Taste Coconut flavour.
Colour Colorless when liquid, white when solid
Volatility 0 % (v/v)
Melting point 22.5° C to 25.5° C (74° F to 78° F)
Specific Gravity 0.92 (water = 1)

Section 4. Fire and Explosion Data
Product May be combustible at high temperature
Auto ignition temperature Not available
Fire degradation products Burning produces carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
Flash points > 200° C (392° F)
Flammable Limits Not available
Fire extinguishing procedures Treat as fat or oil fire. Extinguishing media: Carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam. Water may be ineffective.
Fire fighting equipment: Self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective clothing. Cool exposed containers with water.
Flammability Keep away from excessive heat or open flame. As with all oils, rags, steel wool or waste soaked with oil may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place the oil soaked material in a sealed container.
Risks of explosion Not available

Section 5. Reactivity Data
Stability Product is stable. Hazardous polymerization will not occur.
Hazardous decomposition products Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide when burned.
Corrosivity None
Reactivity Strong oxidizing materials can cause a reaction.

Section 6. Toxicological Properties
Acute effects on humans EYE CONTACT: May cause slight irritation
SKIN CONTACT: No effects reported
INHALATION: Low volatility makes inhalation unlikely
INGESTION: Food oil – non hazardous
Chronic effects on humans Carcinogenic Effects: No data available
Mutagenic effects: No data available
Teratogenic effects: No data available
Developmental toxicity: No data available

Section 7. Accidental release and Preventive Measures
Storage Store in a closed container in cool dry area, away from excessive heat or open flame. Avoid contact with oxidizing agents.
Spill or leak procedures Absorb spill with solid absorbent material or sand and shovel into containers. Wash floors with detergent and rinse with hot water to prevent slipping.
Waste disposal Material collected on absorbent material may be disposed in landfill in accordance with local regulations.

Section 8. Protective Clothing
Respiratory Respiratory protection is not usually required under normal conditions of use. In presence of vegetable oils mists determine the appropriate type of respirator equipment by consulting respiratory equipment manufacturer.
Personal Lab coat
Eyes Wear safety glasses or goggles
Hands Neoprene type gloves for hot oil

Section 9. Other Information

This product is a food grade / pharmaceutical grade oil. No known harmful effects are on record for normal contact with skin or ingestion.

The information compiled in this form has been gathered from sources believed to be reliable and dependable and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. No implied or express warranty regarding the safety of the product is made with this information. Users should observe good manufacturing practices and conduct their own tests to determine the suitability of the product for specific use.

Contact Information: Call Quality First International Inc. at 1-877-441-9479 or e-mail: for further information.

Section 10. Summary
PRECAUTIONS Wear chemical goggles or face shield if eye contact is likely. Keep away from excessive heat or open flame. Store in closed container in cool dry area to maintain product quality.
FIRST AID SKIN: Wash affected areas with soap and warm water
EYES: Rinse eyes with water for at least 15 minutes
INHALATION: Remove to fresh air. Contact physician
INGESTION: Drink water or milk to dilute. Contact physician.
Spill containment Remove all sources of ignition. Absorb spill with absorbent material and dispose in closed container. Wash floor with detergent and rinse to avoid slipping.