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What is a Cold Centrifuge Series™

Cold Centrifuge Series™ is an innovated process, which results in a biologically pure coconut oil that has extraordinary stability and organoleptic properties. This is not just centrifuge, not just cold press and not just organic. It is an increase of accuracy and efficacy of the process before, during, and after the pressing of the coconuts.

Cold-Centrifuge Series™ is an art creating the ideal equation of moisture, design, and time-rate to achieve our goal: purity of coconut oil at molecular level. Nothing less than perfection!


Virgin oil de coco-creme® is produced with select raw materials by new state-of-the-art technology in hygienic environment while standard coconut oil is derived from copra process and the generic virgin coconut oil is a duplication and or an innovation of the traditional/primitive methods. The requirements for cold centrifuge series™ are so rigid and delicate and normally not achievable by “generic” virgin oil methods. This is the major reason, why other suppliers of virgin coconut oil will not go for this process.

Coordination of moisture + time + environment + extraction methods
= prime requirements to make an authentic raw coconut oil

The term series means the entire processing is to be coordinated with the 3 basics components of manufacturing. While most producers only focus on pressing and claiming of helping the poor farmers, instead we focus on the entire “series” of processing. Centrifuge extraction is not enough. It is only one factor in making excellent raw coconut oil. Selection and preparation of raw materials is a critical component. It dictates not only the taste and flavor but also the processing parameters. The protein, oil, and moisture content are the variables to be addressed in selection of processing conditions. Processing stages has to be coordinated; from preparing white kernel, to chemical free washing, to particle size optimization to hydraulic pressing to separation and purification without heating. This combination needs a combined skill of art and mathematical calculation. You have to have a “raw” product but should be stable for delicate formulations. These are the challenges of cold centrifuge series™.

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