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The Cold Centrifuge Series™

Innovated Coconut Wet-Process for Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème®

Coconut Selection:
Selected coconuts: organic, medium age only; one variety only.

De-husking of coconuts
Farm site; away from the processing plant.

De-shelling fresh coconut
Manufacturing site; immediate upon arrival of the coconut.

Manual extraction of white coconut
White-fresh coconut kernel only.

Washing and grinding of white meat
Fresh coconut water and fresh clean water only; no washing additives.

Cold pressing of fresh coconut meat
Mechanical extraction of freshly rinsed coconut.

Conditioning of freshly extracted coconut milk
Loosening bonded molecules between raw oil, water and raw protein

Cold Centrifuge Series™
Separating the milk emulsion, to raw oil and moisture, to 100% raw purity.

Controlled Shipping Enviroment

Cold Filtration on re-packing site
Optimizing purity and stability;
Total Quality Assurance implementation.
For international standard
and safety aspect of different applications.