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Purity & Authenticity


The key to Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is its purity, which is a direct result of cold centrifuge series™ (our exclusive production technology). Our oil is far superior in taste, texture, aroma, nutritional value and other physico-chemical characteristics than any other types of coconut oil. It is unrefined yet pure; highly suitable for delicate formulations and internal uses. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® coconut oil has a well balance MCFA distribution of capric, caprylic and lauric acids which are critical in clinical nutrition. It has an indefinite shelf-life and stability that has been tested and verified thorough internationally recognized protocols. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® was the first natural coconut oil, it was introduced in 1998 and is still without an equal.

With the internet and social media, many vendors are making these claims. The simple way to discern the difference is to compare a sample of Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® with any other virgin coconut oil on the market. With Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème®, this is what you should expect:

Observable characters of virgin oil de coco-crème®:
Freshness and clarity Needs comparison specifically to users who are new to coconut oil
Silky smooth Excellent mouth feel; no after taste syndrome
Superb flavour; light and delicate taste (mild with hint of fresh coconut). Needs comparison specifically to users who are new to coconut oil
Delicate Aroma, almost imaginary as when smelling a freshly opened coconut NOTE: strong coconut aroma is normally a result of heating process or using old nuts or a combination of the 2.
Immaculate white when solid, with no brown sediment. NOTE: Brown sediments are not inherent to pure oil. They are either outer brown coverings or impurities. Brown spots may occur when there is a global calamity involving coconut, but it is extremely rare and should not be a normal part of the product.
Crystal clear when liquid. Fresh coconut kernel is white and without further processing, it should be crystal clear to simply clear.

Quality parameters
Tests and Measurements:
Highly Stable Iodine Value, Saponification value, moisture content, FFA
Low viscosity (physical, viscometer using water as 1.0) Touch- viscosity using water as benchmark, panel test
Well balanced medium chain fatty acids HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) This reading should equate with Iodine value (IV), and
saponification value (SV)
Long shelf life (FFA, AOM) Moisture content, FFA, AOM test