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Everyday Applications: Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® in your kitchen

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is a versatile food oil. It is excellent as a component in food formulation or even for direct use in your own kitchen. Here are some ideas to try:
In Raw Food Preparation

Virgin Oil de Coco-Creme® is an excellent choice of a fat source in any raw food preparation. It is terrific for making raw chocolate, granola bars, raw pizza, raw ice cream and cold soup to name a few!

In smoothies

Use a small amount (1/2-1tsp is ideal) in one batch. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is a natural emulsifier and will create a nice smooth product.

Nutritional salad dressing

Replace 5-20% of the liquid oil with Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème®. To attain nutritional synergy, use with any of the liquid nutritional oils distributed by Quality First, such as: Nature’s Prime™ raw-apricot kernel oil, Nature’s Prime™ rawgreen avocado oil, MCT oil, and cold-pressed macadamia nut oil and Nature’s Prime™ extra virgin pumpkin seed oil.

As a spread

You can use Virgin Oil de Coco-Creme® in 100% form on your toast or wherever you would use butter. For variations and added EFA (essential fatty acids) in your diet, you can mix it with hemp seed oil-emerald green or Nature’s Prime™ pumpkin seed oil.

In cooking and frying

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is an excellent cooking oil. It has a very high smoke point and is excellent for deep frying. When used for deep frying it creates a crispy outside texture, but succulent inside. Since it is a clean-stable oil, it can be re-used more than once.

In baking and grilling.

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème is an optimum choice for baking. It gives a soft texture to cookies or a silky smooth feel texture in cakes. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème is also excellent in grill and barbeque preparation. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® can be used as a baste or as a coating for raw food before grilling. It will give a firm texture and lock in the natural flavor of the food.

Directly as a source of dietary fat

The easiest way to get the benefit of Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is to use approximately 3tsp a day either as a spread, in your yogurt, in soup or even on its own!

Simple Ideas

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is excellent with steamed rice, newly cooked pasta, and in baked or boiled potatoes. Simply put a spoon full of virgin oil de coco-crème®, add salt or herbs to your taste, stir and enjoy! This is just simple but delicious and healthy.

Packaging sizes: 3.5 oz, 15-oz, 30-oz, 64 oz, 128 oz, 5-gallon pail

For Personal Use: Hair, Skin and Body Care

Virgin Oil de Coco-crème® is pure organic nourishing oil. You can use it in raw form or with other oils and substances. Here are some tips how to use Virgin oil de Coco-Crème® in 100% form.
As a make-up remover

Melt a sufficient amount of the oil in your palm and apply on your face and neck with a circular motion. Tissue off. Finally, remove the last traces of oil by using warm wash cloth. Optional: you can mix it with other facial cream or put 2-3 drops of lime/lemon for deep cleansing.

As an evening moisturizer

Before bed apply a very thin coating to a freshly washed/cleaned face and neck. You will wake up with a revitalized feeling!

As a hair and scalp treatment

Warm a little bit of the oil. Massage in through hair, roots and scalp. Use the remaining oil to cover your entire hair. Wrap it with warm towel and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Proceed to normal shampooing procedure.

In your bath

One teaspoon (tsp.) of Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® in your bath water is sufficient to give you that fresh silky feel after bathing. Simply put the oil under the warm running water in the tub (the oil will melt with bath temperature).

As a day moisturizer or under make-up

Apply a very thin coating after using toner or astringent. Wait for at least 1 minute before applying make-up foundation or compact powder.

As a lip balm

Simply apply on your lips and enjoy the flavor of pure, organic coconut while nourishing your lips. It is superb protection without a tacky feel.

As your own spa

Place a small amount (1/4 tsp. is enough) in facial steam water with or without essential oil. A silky feel will be experienced, delivered by the steam vapor. Wipe the excess moisture and apply moisturizer as desired. For a warm foot bath, use it with your favorite essential oil or Dead Sea salt. Soak your feet in warm water according to your liking. Wipe your feet after and apply moisturizer as desired. Experience the silky, invigorating feeling!

As an immediate healing cream

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® can be used as an immediate remedy for insect bites, cuts and skin discomfort. In some cases, you may not need any other treatment; Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® might be just what you need!

Food and Culinary Usage: Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème®

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is the world’s first virgin coconut oil pure enough to be used in sensitive applications without the need for refining. Unlike generic virgin coconut oil, virgin oil de coco-crème® has no limitation; it is a versatile and useful component for food formulation or stand alone use.

Key features and benefits:
A natural and functional emulsifier In formulation it yields a smoother, creamier texture in finished products. It may be used to benefit chocolates, smoothies, ice creams
Miscible with other oils Easily blended with other oils to enhance flavor, stability or enhance the nutritional function of oils. Affords the opportunity to create new, appetizing food formulations.
Good creaming quality for shortening purposes May be used in pastries and baked goods to facilitate light, flaky textures and a natural fat source for making ice cream.
High smoke point 177ºC/350ºF Useful for sautéing, frying and deep frying
Highly stable More resistant to trans fat formation than virtually all other oils.
High luster and high stability as a spray oil and as a coating oil Prevents rancidity and gives clean and glossy appearance when used as a spray for crackers and cookies.
Narrow melting range point Excellent mouth-feel effect; when used as a coating for ice cream bars, it remains hard during storage but melts quickly and completely in the mouth when eaten.
Very high digestibility This is attributed to its short fatty acid chain and therefore significant to use as direct food oil, in cooking and food preparation and even in food formulation.
Pure-Raw Oil Ideal for raw food preparation which needs a source of raw fat but with high stability, purity, and pleasant flavour profile.

For more information on how you can be benefited by this product, please contact us: 1-877-870-1018 or e-mail

Personal Care and Cosmetic Applications

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème®, Organic

Functions: Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® can be used directly as body oil. In formulation, it is an excellent solvent, carrier, and fixed oil or base oil. It imparts emolliency and moisturization qualities in products, and conveys healing properties making it “Cosmeceutical”.

Key Characteristics in Non-Food Formulations:
  • Raw & Pure BUT highly stable
  • Proven long shelf-life
  • Moisturizing Properties
  • Occlusive Effect
  • Cleansing Effect
  • Miscible to both solid and liquid components
  • Extends the shelf-life of natural and organic mixtures
  • 100% natural BUT with safety features comparable to refined oil
Suggested Products:
  • SPECIALTY SKIN CARE. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® provides protective lubricity, antifungal, anti-aging and non-drying qualities with a non-oily feel.
  • SPECIALTY SOAPS. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is excellent for superfatted soaps and because of its moisturizing properties and its anti-oxidants- is good for transparent soap.
  • SUNCARE PRODUCTS. Our oil has: high unsaponiables, good sun-filter characteristics and an adhesive property. In addition, it is miscible with active sun care ingredients.
  • CREAM AND LOTION. Provides non-greasy, “2nd skin” like feel, which can also be adjusted to a rich creamy feel. It is also highly stable and requires less preservatives in formulations.
  • MASSAGE OIL. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is a great massage oil, because it has low viscosity, spreads well, will not stain, and is non-greasy.
  • BABY SKIN CARE. The suppleness and richness in vitamin E, plus its non-drying make our oil perfect for Baby’s skin.
  • HAIR CARE. Also makes a great hair care product, which shines and conditions with sheathing properties.
Direct Applications:
  • SKIN AND BODY OIL. Pure Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is a natural skin oil, close to human lipids. It keeps skin supple and young.
  • FUNCTIONAL OIL. This oil can be added to or mixed with tea tree, oregano, and neem oils for medicinal and ayuvedic functions.
  • SKIN HUMIDIFIER. Pure Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is an excellent skin oil in cold climate and where humidity is low.
  • HAIR OIL. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is nourishing and produces healthy glowing hair.
  • SUNTAN OIL. Pure Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® + sun screen = incredible sun protection.
  • CARRIER OIL IN AROMATHERAPY. Its low viscosity makes it easy to mix with essential oils and fosters excellent spreadability on skin. In solid state, it encapsulates essential oil and prevents evaporation of volatile components.

APPLICATION (Bio-Pharmaceuticals)

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® series for Bio-Pharmaceuticals

(Coco de Crème™ and Coconut Nutri-Oil™)

Coconut oil has always been a valuable ingredient in many applications, such as: delicate formulations, clinical nutrition, topical preparations, tablet lubricants, suppositories and other products. Coconut oil’s wide use is mostly due to its’ high stability, unique melting point, the fact that it is an energy source and a source of medium chain fatty acids, which are invaluable to most formulations. These applications used to require highly refined or hydrogenated forms of coconut oil, since they needed high purity for accuracy and quantification of results.

Quality First International Inc. was able to match the efficacy of highly refined coconut oils without sacrificing the natural state of coconut oil and without the drawbacks of the village type coconut oil. Using our unique Cold Centrifuge Series™ technology, we deliver a natural coconut oil, while maintaining the purity in its quantitative level.

Technical Consideration:
  • Tested for specific application
  • Immaculate white (solid) and clear (liquid); will not interfere in formulation.
  • High purity – a necessity for pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Well balanced MCFA – an important consideration in clinical nutrition.
  • Very low FFA (free fatty acid), ensures a long shelf life.
  • SV (Saponification Value) of 250 for stability.
  • MC (moisture content) of 0.15% max. for purity that can rival highly refined oil.
  • Excellent thermal & oxidizing stability
  • Non-toxic, non-irritant
  • Clean and pure – a 100% natural product.

Coconut Nutri-Oil™ in particular has unique characteristics of optimum distribution of medium chain fatty acids. It has an even distribution of capric, caprylic, and lauric fatty acids.

Coco de Crème™ retains the original state of coconut oil for MCFA distribution. This Oil has replaced highly refined coconut oil and exotic natural oils in many neutraceutical applications. It has lauric acid in its natural state and purity at the cellular level.

MCT-coconut base is concentrated in C8 (capric) and C10 (caprylic) fatty acids for specific/targeted usage.

Clinical Nutrition Application:

QFI’s Coco de Crème™, Coconut Nutri-Oil™ and MCT-coconut base are trigylcerides of medium chain fatty acids that offer unique metabolic properties and high nutritional potentials for formulators and manufacturers of medicinal nutritional products. Triglycerides of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) are transported directly via portal circulation system; whereas longer chain fatty acids are absorbed via the lymphatic system following micellar transport to the intestinal wall. Therefore, triglycerides of MCFA reach the liver more rapidly, where they are completely oxidized. MCT’s are a readily available source of dietary calories which do not contribute to the production of depot fat.

Quality First International’s Coco de Crème™ and Coconut Nutri-Oil™ can be used for nutritional preparation or what is called “medical foods.” They can be used to control nutritional disorders such as mal absorption and mal digestion syndrome. These oils provide ready energy for supporting metabolic defenses, which are necessary for healing and recovery. It is worth exploring the application of these oils in the following formulations:

  • Enteral formulas
  • Infant formulas and baby foods
  • Energy drinks
  • Energy Sources
  • Food Supplements

Pharmacological Applications:

Coco de Crème™, Coconut Nutri-Oil™ and MCT-coconut base can be used as viscosity modifiers in manufacturing: topical aerosols, foams, creams, ointments and lotions. They can also function as solvents for organic compounds and carriers for a wide variety of medicaments. Studies indicate that medium chain esters like MCT-coconut base do not cause soreness and inflammation to the skin and eye membranes. QFI’s MCFA oil group (Coco de Crème™, Coconut Nutri-Oil™, MCT-coconut base), are manufactured free from chemical contaminants, this eliminates the potential for irritation.

Our oils can also function to provide miscibility with other naturally occurring oils. As natural forms of MCFA, they can also function as carriers of medicinal substances to the lower skin strata. These oils can exhibit bacteriostatic effect. MCFA base lipids as monodiglyceride medium chain esters are particularly recommended for the dissolution of difficult compounds, such as sterols. Naturally occurring MCFA Coco de Crème™ and Coconut Nutri-Oil™ are excellent for dissolution of difficult compounds. Simply, because they have natural MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) in higher concentration than regular coconut oil, so they exhibit improved flow and solvent properties. They have the stability that generic natural/virgin coconut oils do not have.

Due to the properties discussed above, Coco de Crème™, Coconut Nutri-Oil™ and MCT-coconut base should be used for the following formulations:

  • Capsules
  • Sun care products
  • Personal Hygiene products
  • Medicaments
  • Antibacterial soap and lotions
  • Sanitizing agents
  • Aerosols
  • And many more!

Disclaimer: This information was written for general information purposes only, with no intention of overriding appropriate regulatory bodies. The information presented was extracted from different sources, from our own experience in the industry and from related academia. Technical jargon and specifics were eliminated for simplicity.

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