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APPLICATION (Bio-Pharmaceuticals)

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® series for Bio-Pharmaceuticals

(Coco de Crème™ and Coconut Nutri-Oil™)


Coconut oil has always been a valuable ingredient in many applications, such as: delicate formulations, clinical nutrition, topical preparations, tablet lubricants, suppositories and other products. Coconut oil’s wide use is mostly due to its’ high stability, unique melting point, the fact that it is an energy source and a source of medium chain fatty acids, which are invaluable to most formulations. These applications used to require highly refined or hydrogenated forms of coconut oil, since they needed high purity for accuracy and quantification of results.

Quality First International Inc. was able to match the efficacy of highly refined coconut oils without sacrificing the natural state of coconut oil and without the drawbacks of the village type coconut oil. Using our unique Cold Centrifuge Series™ technology, we deliver a natural coconut oil, while maintaining the purity in its quantitative level.

Technical Consideration:
  • Tested for specific application
  • Immaculate white (solid) and clear (liquid); will not interfere in formulation.
  • High purity – a necessity for pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Well balanced MCFA – an important consideration in clinical nutrition.
  • Very low FFA (free fatty acid), ensures a long shelf life.
  • SV (Saponification Value) of 250 for stability.
  • MC (moisture content) of 0.15% max. for purity that can rival highly refined oil.
  • Excellent thermal & oxidizing stability
  • Non-toxic, non-irritant
  • Clean and pure – a 100% natural product.

Coconut Nutri-Oil™ in particular has unique characteristics of optimum distribution of medium chain fatty acids. It has an even distribution of capric, caprylic, and lauric fatty acids.

Coco de Crème™ retains the original state of coconut oil for MCFA distribution. This Oil has replaced highly refined coconut oil and exotic natural oils in many neutraceutical applications. It has lauric acid in its natural state and purity at the cellular level.

MCT-coconut base is concentrated in C8 (capric) and C10 (caprylic) fatty acids for specific/targeted usage.

Clinical Nutrition Application:

QFI’s Coco de Crème™, Coconut Nutri-Oil™ and MCT-coconut base are trigylcerides of medium chain fatty acids that offer unique metabolic properties and high nutritional potentials for formulators and manufacturers of medicinal nutritional products. Triglycerides of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) are transported directly via portal circulation system; whereas longer chain fatty acids are absorbed via the lymphatic system following micellar transport to the intestinal wall. Therefore, triglycerides of MCFA reach the liver more rapidly, where they are completely oxidized. MCT’s are a readily available source of dietary calories which do not contribute to the production of depot fat.

Quality First International’s Coco de Crème™ and Coconut Nutri-Oil™ can be used for nutritional preparation or what is called “medical foods.” They can be used to control nutritional disorders such as mal absorption and mal digestion syndrome. These oils provide ready energy for supporting metabolic defenses, which are necessary for healing and recovery. It is worth exploring the application of these oils in the following formulations:

  • Enteral formulas
  • Infant formulas and baby foods
  • Energy drinks
  • Energy Sources
  • Food Supplements
Pharmacological Applications:

Coco de Crème™, Coconut Nutri-Oil™ and MCT-coconut base can be used as viscosity modifiers in manufacturing: topical aerosols, foams, creams, ointments and lotions. They can also function as solvents for organic compounds and carriers for a wide variety of medicaments. Studies indicate that medium chain esters like MCT-coconut base do not cause soreness and inflammation to the skin and eye membranes. QFI’s MCFA oil group (Coco de Crème™, Coconut Nutri-Oil™, MCT-coconut base), are manufactured free from chemical contaminants, this eliminates the potential for irritation.

Our oils can also function to provide miscibility with other naturally occurring oils. As natural forms of MCFA, they can also function as carriers of medicinal substances to the lower skin strata. These oils can exhibit bacteriostatic effect. MCFA base lipids as monodiglyceride medium chain esters are particularly recommended for the dissolution of difficult compounds, such as sterols. Naturally occurring MCFA Coco de Crème™ and Coconut Nutri-Oil™ are excellent for dissolution of difficult compounds. Simply, because they have natural MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) in higher concentration than regular coconut oil, so they exhibit improved flow and solvent properties. They have the stability that generic natural/virgin coconut oils do not have.

Due to the properties discussed above, Coco de Crème™, Coconut Nutri-Oil™ and MCT-coconut base should be used for the following formulations:

  • Capsules
  • Sun care products
  • Personal Hygiene products
  • Medicaments
  • Antibacterial soap and lotions
  • Sanitizing agents
  • Aerosols
  • And many more!

Disclaimer: This information was written for general information purposes only, with no intention of overriding appropriate regulatory bodies. The information presented was extracted from different sources, from our own experience in the industry and from related academia. Technical jargon and specifics were eliminated for simplicity.