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Food and Culinary Usage: Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème®


Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is the world’s first virgin coconut oil pure enough to be used in sensitive applications without the need for refining. Unlike generic virgin coconut oil, virgin oil de coco-crème® has no limitation; it is a versatile and useful component for food formulation or stand alone use.



Key features and benefits:
A natural and functional emulsifier In formulation it yields a smoother, creamier texture in finished products. It may be used to benefit chocolates, smoothies, ice creams
Miscible with other oils Easily blended with other oils to enhance flavor, stability or enhance the nutritional function of oils. Affords the opportunity to create new, appetizing food formulations.
Good creaming quality for shortening purposes May be used in pastries and baked goods to facilitate light, flaky textures and a natural fat source for making ice cream.
High smoke point 177ºC/350ºF Useful for sautéing, frying and deep frying
Highly stable More resistant to trans fat formation than virtually all other oils.
High luster and high stability as a spray oil and as a coating oil Prevents rancidity and gives clean and glossy appearance when used as a spray for crackers and cookies.
Narrow melting range point Excellent mouth-feel effect; when used as a coating for ice cream bars, it remains hard during storage but melts quickly and completely in the mouth when eaten.
Very high digestibility This is attributed to its short fatty acid chain and therefore significant to use as direct food oil, in cooking and food preparation and even in food formulation.
Pure-Raw Oil Ideal for raw food preparation which needs a source of raw fat but with high stability, purity, and pleasant flavour profile.

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