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Product Inquiries & Availability


We encourage you to use our distributors and retailers; however, in many areas this may not be feasible and in this case we welcome the opportunity to service your needs at the same landed cost as our suggested retail price for retailers. Just call our toll free number 1-877-870-1018 or e-mail: to order any of the following sizes and quantities. We look forward to hearing from you!

SEE Price List.

SEE Business Terms.

Wholesale – Institutional

Our institutional packaging is ideal for larger quantities, while maintaining convenience of use. These are perfect for businesses which wish to use the product for their own formulations and will not be re-selling the product as it is.


  • 64-oz; case of 6
  • 128-0z, case of 4
  • 640-oz (5 gallon) single units.
Typical buyers:
  • Individuals & families that need larger quantities
  • Cooperatives & Buying Clubs
  • Restaurant and Chefs
  • Natural food manufacturers
  • Institutions, such as nursing homes
  • Organizations in charge of school and hospital food preparation
  • Organic cafeterias
  • Many others!

For pricing and ordering, please see mail order price list.

For multiple cases, please e-mail and quote"multiple-institutional"

FREE shipping for qualified wholesale accounts.

B2b Wholesale - Retailer

We welcome retail outlets and professionals to carry Virgin oil de Coco-Crème® for consumers and individual users.

Our Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® was the first virgin coconut oil on the market and it is still without equal! We combine the best technology with our deliberate practices in processing, compliance, and ethical trade. Our objective is to produce a clean superior pure virgin coconut oil that people will genuinely enjoy and feel confident in while using. Coconut oil has incredible healing effects; if you already carry this product, then you are already experiencing these benefits. If you have not yet promoted coconut oil, learn about all of the benefits (see Know the advantages of virgin oil de coco-crème®)

Packaging and Availability

3.5 oz glass jar,
case of 12
15-oz glass jar,
case of 12
30-oz glass jar,
case of 6
64-oz plastic tub,
case of 6
1 Gallon plastic tub,
case of 4
5 Gallon
plastic pail

We offer free shipping for qualified retail outlet. Please send us an Application Form either by e-mail or by fax.

If you want to explore the possibility of retailing or distributing virgin oil de coco-crème® in your product line, SEE Distributor’s and Retailer’s Guideline


We welcome not-for-profit organizations and cooperatives who wish to carry our products to members of the community. If you are interested, please write to us indicating the following:

  1. The name and nature of your organization (or simply tell us what you do, your members, intended usage)
  2. Proof or details of your organization (i.e. location, years of existence, main contacts, etc.)
  3. Please write or e-mail to: RE: Coop Application.

B2B Private Label

You value your company and your client, so you want the best product to fit your good company image. We can work with you to achieve that goal! We take good care of your brand’s reputation, whether in a 100% purity Virgin oil de Coco-Crème® co-branding or a private label according to your product specifications we will work with you to suit your needs and protect the company you have worked to develop!

Our minimum requirement is $1500/order.

Please see our private label guidelines or write to us to discuss your needs and quote:private label inquiry. We look forward to working with you!

B2B Distributors

In general, our mode of distribution of Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is open to all channels, including B2B (business to business) distributors.

Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® is a unique type of virgin coconut oil. Its distribution requires deep knowledge of the product, the industry and the technologies used. These requirements are often a big challenge to traditional natural product distributors whose strength and focus lie mainly in logistics and movement of product, not in the depth of knowledge of those products, especially coconut oil.

The selling point of virgin oil de coco-crème® is the product itself and the expertise of the company which produces it: Quality First International. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème® can only be appreciated by a distributor who is capable of full evaluation of the product.

If you are a distributor or broker who is dedicated to providing truly high quality products and if you have the expertise to evaluate and appreciate the superior properties of our oil, then this is an opportunity worth discussing. We look forward to speaking with you.

E-mail your interest to and quote: B2B distribution.

If you have specific inquiry not listed above, please let us know by writing to us: