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Product Specification


Nutri Oil™, vegetable base

Trade Names: Coconut Nutri-Oil™

Product Background

Nutri Oil™ is odorless, colorless and water clear oil derived from natural coconut oil.

Applications: Food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
PACKAGING: 55-gallon drum, 5-gallon jug
SHELF-LIFE: 18 months or more


Parameters Typical Value/s
% FFA (as lauric acid): 0.25 Max.
Iodine Value: 3-7
% Moisture and Impurities: 0.25% max
Saponification Value: 275-295
Specific Gravity @RT: 0.900-0.920
Color Lovibond 0.15R, 0.90Y
Odour Bland, odorless, to a negligible hint of coconut

Fatty Acid Typical % Value
C2 0.6 C16 5.48
C8 23.89 C18:0 2.11
C10 16.46 C18:1 3.27
C12 32.12 C18:2N6 0.57
C14 13.67 C20 0.56

Technical consideration

Nutri Oil™ is very stable, with unique physical, chemical, and biochemical properties. It has a well balanced medium fatty acid structure which makes it unique and functional in diverse applications. Nutri Oil™ is also a good replacement for MCT oil where a more natural form is required or if lauric fatty acid is needed in a liquid form.

*The above data/information were gathered from several tests and observations conducted by a third party laboratory upon request by Quality First International Inc. and therefore valid without signature. It is offered for evaluation and verification only.